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The 2NE1 Experience

So we left the house at round 12 noon. We got to Gateway at 2, I guess. Then we went to buy clothes and eat. Lol, I got myself a hoodie. Sooo happy~ *u*

At 3:30, We got into the line and waited till 6. I actually met a fellow blackjack. She's naisssuu.

So we alrdy got inside. And I was so bored because i know that 2Ne1 will be performing last. There are front acts, including Callalily, Christian Bautista, The Bloomfields,Philippine All Stars and that band who performed first ( I don't know the name, i dislike them anyway) I really enjoyed the performances of The Bloomfields and Callalily. The vocalist of Callalily, was one of my celebrity crushes, and he's soo hawt okae. Lol, i remember, when he removed his shirt (he was abt to change into another shirt that says, I heart dara) the crowd went wild. Hahaha! He's actually a Dara fanboy. . Lol, he even said Saranghae to Dara. Lolol

When The Philippine All Stars finished performing, the crowd already knew who's up next. It's 2NE1! The crowd was so hyped up, and started chanting," 2NE1!". Finally, the four ladies appeared and I can't hear what they were singing because the crowd went wild (I was actually screaming at tht time too hehe)! Yeah, Pinoy Blackjacks really know how to party!

So they sang a total of 8 songs.
I wasn't practically singing along to every song. They rocked Araneta last night. :>

My eyes were focused on CL, who happens to be my bias. I got quite sad because I failed to take a great picture of her. My cam sucks. Haha. I had proven something last night, CL is really the baddest female. I mean, I was so stunned. CL can sing, rap, and dance. Her moves are so flawless. I love how she makes adlibs. She has this powerful stage presence. A go go go~ Lol

Dara spoke to us in Filipino. I'm so happy because she's still fluent in Filipino. She sang her hit single, In or out, and the crowd sang with her. I heard CL was watching her at that time and was so proud.

Minzy was Minzy, talented singer, dancer, a total performer. My sister likes her. She was so impressed by Minzy, she said. i love how minzy introduced herself. She said 'Magandang Gabi' (Good Evening) in a very cute way. :">

And there was Bom. Yez, the powerful vocals, and lol, she's very playful on stage. Park sisters~

During their performances, I keep on saying, Oh my gosh, like I can't believe I'm actually watching my favorite girlgroup live. It was the best concert ever!

So when 2NE1 finished singing I don't care, (We weren't expecting that it was their last song. Huhu. TT____TT ) they exited the stage. The Pinoy Blackjacks thought that they will sing more but no one came back on stage. So we started chanting," We want more!" But they alrdy turned on the light, so it means it's really over. Despite of it, I was overjoyed. When I got home, I can't sleep. I kept on thinking abt it. ;)

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